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The Woodsman - Belle Scarlett

The Woodsman

The Woodsman

3.4 5 5 Autor: Belle Scarlett Czyta: Leeroy Will, Honey Scarlett
What if the Big Bad Wolf, was the good guy? Once upon a moonlit night in the Enchanted Forest, where cursed beings are consigned until the spells that bind them are broken... After he captures Lady Lily Rouge's carriage, Sir Marrok Ulfang, aka The Biggest Baddest Wolf the Enchanted Forest has ever seen, has only one day to win her heart and claim her first sexual surrender, even if it means giving the nosey pixies fluttering outside his cottage window an eyeful. Otherwise, a wolf shapeshifter he'll stay, damned to remain in the lonely Enchanted Forest forever. But while he can arouse her virginal body to fever pitch, he quickly learns that his spirited, saucy Lily has a mind and will of her own. And the daylight is fading fast. Meanwhile, the one who cursed Marrok lurks in the forest and will fight to keep the couple from leaving together alive. NOTE: The AUDIBLE edition includes DUAL POV NARRATION by Honey Scarlett & Leeroy Will: The Audiobook Lovers, MUSIC and ATMOSPHERIC SOUND FX! Get ready to for a 2 HOUR INTENSE LISTENING EXPERIENCE with the all the naughty pixies, the sexy Big Bad Wolf-shifter, his hot lady in red, and all the sounds of the Enchanted Forest. Enjoy! '...a first rate romantic fairytale - adult style... With keen wit and good humor Ms. Scarlett presents a delectable tale...' - Alternative Read '...an erotic version of Little Red Riding Hood in which the wolf is the winner.' - Eye on Romance 'beautifully written... powerful and exciting.' - Review at ParaNormalRomance.org '...masterfully written...The love scenes are H.O.T...' - Manicreaders.com '...set in an interesting world... a fun short read.' - Bittenbybooks.com '...red hot... sexy and fun...This is one very good read.' - Coffeetimeromance.com
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Powieść obyczajowa Seria: Enchanted Lovers: 1 Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Authors Republic
Data wydania: 2017-04-20
Czas trwania: 2H 43M
ISBN: 9781518947469

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