Holiday In The Hamptons

3.5 6 5 Autor: Sarah Morgan Czyta: Jennifer Woodward
An absolute delight.' - Veronica Henry She's moved on...Felicity Knight loves New York. But when she spots her ex-husband in the city, Fliss is desperate to escape! He's moved back...Vet Set Carlyle is back from California to establish his own practice and settle down. When he learns that his ex Fliss still lives close by, that future is looking a whole lot brighter...Will a perfect escape bring them back together? With the help of his adorable dog Lulu, and a sprinkling of beachside magic, Seth is determined to make Fliss see he's never stopped loving her! 'Wonderfully romantic and sumptuously atmospheric.' - Alex Brown, author of The Secret Orchard Cottage
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Beletrystyka

Wydawca: Harper Collins UK
Data wydania: 2017-06-15
Czas trwania: 10H 5M
ISBN: 9780263922509