What's Love Got to Do with It?

0.0 0 5 Autor: Donna Franklin Czyta: Robin Miles
According to renowned sociology scholar Donna L. Franklin, relationships between American black men and women are in a state of crisis. The schism between black men and women is the result of complex, large-scale societal, economic, and cultural trends, and the African-American legacy of slavery. Franklin asserts that black men and women need to learn how to work to together for the health and maintenance of the family. In What's Love Got to Do With It? Franklin offers readers a path to healing their own troubled relationships. With narrator Robin Miles incisive reading, this important text breathes with urgency.
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Wydawca: Recorded Books
Data wydania: 2002-07-23
Czas trwania: 7H 17M
ISBN: 9781461810421