The Darkest Dark

5.0 2 5 Autor: Chris Hadfield Czyta: Chris Hadfield
Young Chris is an astronaut. A very busy astronaut. Saving the planet from aliens is much more important than taking baths or going to bed. Because at bedtime the worst sort of alien appears - darkness. But when Chris watches the first moon landing, he discovers that there is a dark out in Space that is much darker than he's used to. It's the darkest dark ever, and he realizes that the unknown can be ... exciting! The Darkest Dark is the debut children's story by Commander Chris Hadfield, international bestselling author of An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth. Inspired by Chris's decision to become an astronaut after watching the Apollo 11 moon landing at age nine, The Darkest Dark is about facing your fears and following your dreams. This audio edition is read aloud by Chris Hadfield and also contains bonus commentary and The Darkest Dark Song, written and recorded by him too!
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Dla dzieci

Wydawca: Pan Macmillan
Data wydania: 2017-09-21
Czas trwania: 10M
ISBN: 9781509841431

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