4.794117647058823 34 5 Autor: Terry Pratchett Czyta: Stephen Briggs
At 9, Tiffany Aching defeated the cruel Queen of Fairyland. At 11, she banished an ancient body-stealing evil. At 13, Tiffany faces a new challenge: a boy. And boys can be a bit of a problem when youre thirteen... . But the Wintersmith isnt exactly a boy. He is Winter itself-snow, gales, icicles-all of it. When he has a crush on Tiffany, he may make her roses of ice, but his nature is blizzards and avalanches. And he wants Tiffany to stay in his gleaming, frozen world. Forever. Tiffany will need all her cunning to make it to Spring. Shell also need her friends, from junior witches to the legendary Granny Weatherwax. They-Crivens! Tiffany will need the Wee Free Men, too! Shell have the help of the bravest, toughest, smelliest pixies ever to be banished from Fairyland-whether she wants it or not. Its going to be a cold, cold season, because if Tiffany doesnt survive until Spring-Spring wont come.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Dla dzieci Seria: Tiffany Aching: 3

Wydawca: Harper Collins US
Data wydania: 2007-01-23
Czas trwania: 8H 32M
ISBN: 9780061373398

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