The Everything Theodore Roosevelt Book - Arthur G Sharp

The Everything Theodore Roosevelt Book

The Everything Theodore Roosevelt Book

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You probably know bits and pieces about Theodore Roosevelt: He was the President of the United States, led the charge up San Juan Hill, had something to do with the "Bull Moose" party, and is represented on Mt. Rushmore. That's a start. But his accomplishments went far beyond that. This book expands that list and highlights his most significant contributions to history, including: His role in the creation of the Panama CanalHow he ended the Russo-Japanese WarHis "trust busting," which brought corporations under the control of the peopleThe impact of his conservation effortsHow he built up the navy and established the United States as a world power A refreshing alternative to the stuffy, overly academic books on the market, this book is the definitive guide for you to learn more about one of the most successful U.S. presidents, scholars, and statesmen in world history.
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Wydawca: Adams Media
Data wydania: 2011-08-18
ISBN: 9781440527654

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